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A Holy Theatre – The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic

They Would Have Never Guessed RoundtableAutostraddle

What Reality Show/Game Show Would You Destroy? RoundtableAutostraddle

Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall RoundtableAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: Impossible ThingsAutostraddle

Our Personal perfect Perfect Moments 2017 RoundtableAutostraddle

When’s The Last Time You Cried? RoundtableAutostraddle

What Kind Of Bitch Are You? RoundtableAutostraddle

Musicals Won’t Save The World But “The Prom” Is Gonna Try AnywayAutostraddle

All About Our Mental Health RoundtableAutostraddle

TV Shows We’re Watching to Escape This Nightmare World RoundtableAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: Everything Coming Up SpookyAutostraddle

The Underwear We Wear RoundtableAutostraddle

AM/PM: Sandwiches For BreakfastAutostraddle

QTPOC Roundtable: Queer Anthem PlaylistAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: I Was Not Myself Those DaysAutostraddle

Masculine-Of-Center Roundtable: How We Do It and What It Means To UsAutostraddle

AM/PM: Sandwiches For BreakfastAutostraddle

5 Reasons You Should See “Girls’ Trip” (Again) This WeekendAutostraddle

QTPOC Roundtable: TV and Movie Characters That Made Us Feel SeenAutostraddle

The Holy Theatre Speaks (after Kiki Petrosino) + interviewThe Shade Journal Spotlight Issue: Seed

Are You Ten Years Ago: We Remember Tegan & Sara’s “The Con”, Which Changed Our LivesAutostraddle

Mannish Tongues by jayy dodd (Review)Monstering

14 Music Videos That Confirmed My SexualityAutostraddle

the trinity speaks hot lemonadepnkprl

I Never Meant for My Hair to Be the Way Back to the LighthouseAutostraddle

I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On by Khadijah Queen (Review)Winter Tangerine

black + mentally ill + trauma + nonbinary or i do exist and you can’t change that (excerpt)&thriving anthology, glo worm press

Tell Me Your Diamonds (excerpt) – Emerge: 2016 Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Anthology

In Defense of Helga G. PatackiShadow Map Anthology

Child, Thou Art LoosedFreezeray Poetry

One Act Play In Which We Review Dalton Day’s Exit, PursuedMonstering Mag


You Came Out Again & It’s Lookin Like This Time It’ll StickQuntfront Magazine

A Spoonful of Sugar –

A Nightmare After PulseGlass: Poetry

In Defense of Helga G. PatackiUp the Staircase Quarterly

O, Ye of Little FaithMargins Magazine


UntitledBurn Something Zine

Excerpt From Untitled in Genre Fiction (video) – Lambda Literary

Poetry Everywhere You Look: Bill Hader’s Interview with Hazlitt, “Empathy Implicates You”Words Dance

Subject: A List For When You Think It Might Happen Again Re: WorkRising Phoenix Press

DoubtRising Phoenix Press

Q (1)Rising Phoenix Press

Poetry Everywhere You Look: Welcome to Night Vale Blackout PoetryWords Dance


AnswersScAR (Self care After Rape)

Sway This Way Review: The Pulp vs. The Throne by Carrie LorigWords Dance

Cypher (Explicit)Words Dance

Poetry as ChurchWords Dance

On Disrupting the Silence: Part 2Words Dance

On Disrupting the Silence: Part 1Words Dance

Stuff I Read When the Days Aren’t Going So GoodWords Dance

The Dance Interview Series with Brenna TwohyWords Dance

What to Read or Listen to After the NightmareWords Dance

From Sam after The Babadook and Carrie after The Blood/To: Their MothersFreezeray Poetry

Sway This Way Review: Monozygotic Codependent by Stephanie Bryant AndersonWords Dance

I Stole You a Poem But It’s Really Me Asking You To Watch Movies With MeWords Dance

Sway This Way Review: Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia RankineWords Dance

19 Poems to Combat the Stigma Around Mental HealthWords Dance

Sunday Family DinnerTHEEEEL

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